Scoring Sheet

Scoring a workout in Kilomodo is really easy. Simply click on the SCORE WORKOUT button anywhere it appears:

- WOD banner
- Your personal feed
- Your friend' feed
- Search results
- Your personal library

Mandatory Fields

The score sheet has many options and they are different depending on the workout you are scoring. Although they are collecting different types of data, all of them have few mandatory fields.

- FOR TIME will ask for a time for a particular amount of work
- AMRAP will ask for Rounds and Reps
- SKILL & STRENGTH will ask for Weights and Reps

Optional Fields


This is a simple rating system that helps other athletes search for workouts with a specific rating

You can choose to add a quick note on how you are feeling that day by marking either one or both of the checkboxes

Score Notes
These notes are private and they show up only on your feed. You might want to put in some reminders about the workout or anything special you want to keep track of.

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