Search Results

Every single search result in Kilomodo offers the athlete several options. When results are returned, we include several pieces of information about the workout and some actions that the athlete can perform right there form the search screen.

Breaking Down the Search Result

Clicking this icon will display the entire workout summary if it does not fit in the appropriate area.

This icon displays the number of athletes that have scored this workout. You can click on this icon and you will see how these athletes are ranked.

Clicking this button will make a copy of the workout and put it in our workout builder. From there you will be able to adjust the workout to your liking.

This button allows you to schedule the selected workout. Once the workout is scheduled it will display in the WOD banner. Scheduled workouts only show up on the date that they are scheduled for.

Clicking this button will save it to your personal library.

You can score this workout straight from the search screen.

Scoring a workout from this view will turn it into a PERSONAL WORKOUT. This means the workout will not be scheduled to the box. You will also have the option to make it a PRIVATE workout in the scoring view.

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