Manually Entering PRs

Kilomodo allows you to manually enter PRs that the platform has not captured yet. These might be PRs that happened before Kilomodo ;-).

To enter a new PR, go to the PERFORMANCE menu and click the button.

Above the Rep Max PRs table you will see the button. Click it an a prompt will open.

You will be able to find any WEIGHT based movement by typing it in the field. Lets use SQUAT as an example. You will get a results page similar to this one:

You can click on any of the buttons that designates the proper PR you are entering. As an example we will use BACK SQUAT BARBELL.

After selecting the appropriate movement PR you can add how many REPS and the weight used. Additionally you might want to select a date in which you think you had achieved this PR.

Once you click ADD MOVEMENT PR a new entry into your movement PRs will be entered and a data point will be added to your charting and all statistical information related to this specific PR.

If you happen to surpass the weight of a PR during a workout, that value will be automatically be inserted in the table and all statistical information will be updated in this screen.

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