Parts are either a workout type or rest period. Each workout type part is a scored item within a workout.

Kilomodo currently supports the following parts:

AMRAP (As Many Round/Reps As Possible)

measures achieved distance and/or reps within a fix time boundary.

Rep Ex: As many 5 Squat, 10 Push Up, 15 cal Row in 20 min
Distance Ex: As many 1m Row in 30 min

Each cal/meter on a rower/bike/skier is equal to 1 rep

For Time

Measures time required to complete fixed distances and/or reps.

Ex: For Time Row 300m, 30 Squat

Set + Reps

Measures weight used for weightlifting movements

Ex: 5x2 Barbell Back Squat @ 85%

Rep Max

Measures maximum lifting effort for weightlifting movements

Ex: 3 Rep Max for Barbell Back Squat   

Max Reps

Measures maximum number of reps for weightlifting movements

Ex: Max Reps with Barbell Back Squat @ 85%    


Adds a rest period between parts

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