Notification Settings

When you create an account with Kilomodo, we enable the following notifications automatically:

You can adjust individual settings by clicking the button. You should see the following screen and will be able to make the necessary adjustments.

Individual Settings

Friend Request

You will receive this notifcation every time you receive a friend request. If you choose to disable this notification you will still be able to see if you have any friend requests waiting for your approval. The indicator will show up as a badge in the CONNECTIONS menu, the number indicates how many requests are pending your approval.

Friend Accepted

You will receive this notification when one of your friend requests has been accepted.


You will receive this notification when somebody "Respects" you for your work. If you Respect someones score by clicking the button, the platform will also send an email letting that person know you have acknowledged they work.


You will receive a notification every time someone comments on one of your scores.

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