What to Expect from PushPress Integration

Initial PushPress Sync
When Kilomodo is first linked to PushPress, Kilomodo will send invitations on your behalf to all members with an 'active' status under your PushPress account. If a PushPress member email already exists, they will receive an invitation to become a member of your gym.

If a member is already using Kilomodo, but with a different email address than PushPress. They may continue using their existing Kilomodo login. You can manually invite them with their Kilomodo email address to follow your gym. They can also become a member of your gym on their own by following you from the Kilomodo Exchange.

New PushPress Members
When a new member is created within PushPress, Kilomodo will automatically send an invitation to join your gym to that new member. 

Canceled PushPress Members
When a member is canceled from within PushPress, Kilomodo will automatically remove them from your gyms, teams, and tracks. 

When a workout is scheduled to the Whiteboard, Kilomodo will send the summary of the workout to PushPress *Track for use on their large screen display. 

*PushPress Track only supports one workout per track per day for large screen display. If you require the ability to display multiple workouts scheduled to the same track with large screen display, please use the Kilomodo **Gym Caster.

** Gym Caster is a 'Gym' plan subscription feature not included with the 'Trainer' plan. 

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