MANAGEMENT controls are not currently available on Apple iOS  

By clicking on 'Scheduler' from the nav menu under MANAGEMENT  


Only tracks that you own and manage can be viewed in the schedule. You may continue to schedule workouts to public tracks you follow, but they will not be viewable from the Schedule.

*Public tracks are tracks created by the Kilomodo system for people to openly use. Public tracks associated to gyms can be obtained for management with proper owner verification.

Week View

In the week view you can see workouts that are scheduled to your tracks. They are summarized by there name, and colorized to the track they are scheduled too. 

Day View

Get to the day view by clicking on the date button, or a workout in the weekly schedule view. Full workout summaries can be viewed from the day view.

Adding Workouts

Workouts can be directly added to a track from the schedule view by clicking the  button in the view. The dropdown menu can take you to composer to create workouts, or to the library for adding preexisting workouts.

From the composer or the library you can schedule as many workouts to tracks for different days without having to return to the schedule. This is a convinence feature to allow for the ability to create/pick workouts in successionwithout the need to navigate back and forth between schduler and composer/library.  

Schedule Program

By selecting 'Schedule Program' from the dropdown menu in the week view of the Schedule, you can setup a program to be scheduled. 

Program: A dropdown list of programs you have already created.

A dropdown list of the Gyms / Teams you have created and manage. 

Start Date:
The date the first workout in the Program will be scheduled.

Workout Days: 
Selected workout days will get workouts scheduled to them. Non-selected days will be considered rest days with no workout scheduled.

Options: When the option 'Automatically restart when completed' is selected, the schedule will loop through all of the workouts in the Program by starting back at Day 1 of the program sequence when the final Day has been scheduled.

Workouts that have the  indicator signifiy that the workout derives from a 'Program' and that it has not yet been scheduled to the 'Whiteboard'. Workouts are scheduled to the 'Whiteboard' in accordance to your notifications settings under the Gym or Team the 'Program' was scheduled too. Workouts that have not been scheduled are available for modification as well as order in which they will appear on the schedule. To change the order of workout appearance simply update the 'Program' directly.

Below is a 'Program' with (3) workouts all appearing on the same day in a repeating fashion skipping Thursday and Sunday. The 'Program' will continue to loop indefinetly until cancled.     

To cancel or modify a 'Program' schedule, click 'Scheduled Programs' 

From 'Scheduled Programs' you can cancel a 'Program' or make changes to the daily schedule and looping behavor. 

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