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 are a series of workouts organized into a sequence of days. Multiple workouts can occupy the same day as needed. Rest days are not intended to be included into a program as rest days are set on the Track schedule in which a Program is assigned and consumed. Change made to a program assigned to a schedule will take affect immediately. Workouts already scheduled to the 'Whiteboard' do not change with program updates. 

Creating a Program

Navigate to Programs under Management in the menu. Once there you can click 'New' to create a new Program be assigning it a name and optionally a brief description. From this screen you will also be able to see existing programs already created or managed by your account. 

Adding Workouts
There are two entry points for adding workouts to a program. To create new workouts click 'Compose' to enter the Composer, or click 'Library' to the Library to choose preexisting workouts. Once in the Composer or Library you can create and add as many workouts as needed with day navigation without having to return to the program with each addition. 

From the composer, when a workout is built and ready to be added to the program you will have the ability to assign a name, notes and add the workout to a specified day with the day assignment

Without leaving the compose you can clear the canvas to build another workout by clicking the 'New Workout' button.

From the library you can add as many workouts to the program to a specified day with the day assignment selector.  

Making changes to a Program is easy. We provide the ability to edit the name of a workout, update notes, modify the workout itself, as well as change the order it will appear in the schedule. 

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